New Breast Prosthesis Program at Oncology Center

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New Breast Prosthesis Program at Oncology Center

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One out of eight women will hear their doctor say those terrifying words—“You have breast cancer.”

Many of these women agree that the time between diagnosis and treatment is the most difficult.

While learning to cope with a flood of emotions related to their diagnosis, these women are also faced with making multiple decisions regarding the treatment of their disease.

The severity of the cancer, the type of surgery used to treat the cancer, lifestyle and several other factors may affect a woman’s decision regarding breast reconstruction or about using a natural breast form or breast prosthesis.

After a mastectomy or lumpectomy a patient may require a specialty bra, breast form, or a custom breast prosthesis made to resemble the removed breast or breast tissue.

The Singletary Oncology Center’s new Breast Prosthesis Program gives patients the ease and comfort of being fitted for their prosthesis and specialty bra in a comfortable environment with familiar, certified personnel.

Debbie Beeson, the Center’s breast cancer patient navigator (and also a breast cancer survivor), is the coordinator of the program, and along with oncology social worker Tina Jackson has recently become a certified mastectomy fitter.

“We have equipped a room for fitting that is private, cozy and helps make our patients feel as comfortable as possible in this situation,” said Beeson.  “Often our patients come in covered up and unconfident. It’s incredible to see them leave with a huge smile on their face and an obvious change in the way they feel about themselves. It’s an amazing transformation.”

According to Beeson, body type, breast shape, daily activities and lifestyle are important considerations when selecting the best style of breast prosthesis or post-mastectomy bra.

“There are many options available in bras and breast prosthesis,” said Beeson. “Our goal is to help guide patients on the option that will best help restore body balance, provide comfort, build confidence and offer security in their wearing experience.”

Private fittings are available by appointment. A physician referral is required, and insurance is an accepted form of payment.

For more information, call the Lewis Hall Singletary Oncology Center (229) 584-5400.