MCH Renovations Nearing Completion

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MCH Renovations Nearing Completion

This month, Archbold’s Mitchell County Hospital is scheduled to complete a nearly $1 million renovation project that upgraded key patient care areas in the hospital.

“When we began planning this project months ago, our patients were at the forefront of the design process,” said Jamie Womack, Mitchell County Hospital administrator. “We wanted to ensure that patient comfort and care were priority number one.”

The construction included renovating the entire second floor of the hospital—all patient rooms and bathrooms, as well as nurse and physician work stations. The organic earth tone color palette used throughout the newly remodeled areas was chosen as part of the design to promote a calm healing environment for patients and a comfortable atmosphere for families.

According to Womack, showers were installed in every patient room with dual shower heads and wands that allow patients to perform bathing activities with ease. Special non-slip flooring was also installed in every bathroom to ensure patient safety.

To reduce patient injuries related to falls, a new patient call system was also installed in all patient rooms.

“We encourage patients to always alert a staff member when they need to get out of the bed, but sometimes they forget to call for help,” said Carla Beasley, director of nursing at Mitchell County Hospital. “The new patient call system will alert us when a patient leaves their bed, so we can respond quickly and help protect our patients from injuries related to falls.”

Patient communication boards were also installed in each patient room to help keep patients engaged with their course of treatment.

“Our staff uses the new patient communication boards to remind patients what their goals are for the day, who their physicians and nurses are, and the names of new medication they are taking,” said Beasley.

“MCH is very proud to be part of the Archbold health system,” said Womack. “Archbold is committed to providing all patients the best quality patient-centered healthcare. And that commitment is evidenced by the recent investments made in our hospital renovation. Our community should be very proud of the award-winning care that we provide, and the beautiful healthcare facilities that we have in Mitchell County.”

Nurses station—An earth tone color palette was used throughout newly remodeled areas to promote a calm healing environment for patients, as well as their families.

Patient communication boards—Patient communication boards were installed in all patient rooms to help keep patients and their families engaged with their treatment plans.

Nurse call—A new patient call system was installed in every patient room, to help patients alert hospital quickly of their needs, and to help prevent injuries related to patient falls.