Archbold's Mitchell County Employees Recognized for Years of Service

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The following employees in Mitchell County were recently recognized for their years of services with Archbold. Pictured from left to right: Christine Lockhart, 20 years; Cathleen Session, 25 years; Kathleen Cox, 5 years; Christy Fowler, 15 years; Candy Tabb, 20 years; Laura Casteel, 10 years and Linda Owens, 35 years.

Employees recently recognized for years of services, but not pictured include: Tracy Davis, 35 years; Robert Taylor, 35 years; Bobbie Davis, 25 years; Shanna Sheppard, 25 years; Michele Duncan, 20 years; Gwendolyn Porter, 20 years; Ezra Walker, 15 years; Jim Dickey, 15 years; Viney Williams, 10 years; Teresa Chester, 10 years; Angel Williams, 10 years; Temeka Vicks, 10 years; Wahna Brown, 10 years; Christy Findley, 5 years and Joseph Woolum, 5 years.