Archbold Offers New Pharmacy Technician Internship Program

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Archbold is now offering a new Pharmacy Technician Internship Program designed to train and prepare new pharmacy technicians or to advance the careers of current pharmacy technicians.

“The unique thing about our site is that we touch on every type of pharmacy practice. By the end of our nine month program our students will have completed a curriculum specifically designed to prepare them for national certification,” said Archbold’s Director of Pharmacy, Andrea Jarzyniecki. “Students will also have hands on exposure working side by side with our pharmacists and technicians in every area of our practice.”

“When I first started in the pharmacy, I thought I would be counting pills all day until I came into the pharmacy and I saw the countless roles technicians play. It blew my mind at the possibilities and opportunities,” said Lead Pharmacy Technician, Janay Canion.

Canion has worked for Archbold for more than 10 years, advancing in her roles since the beginning of her pharmacy career. Canion also expresses how many times people are unaware of the complex roles and opportunities available to them and hopes this program changes that for students. “Now with all of my training and experiences I am excited to shed some knowledge with other technicians.”

“Our pharmacy technicians have a diversity of roles through the medication delivery system, from the point of purchasing and receiving, preparation and compounding, to dispensing and delivery. In all Archbold has over 30 pharmacy technicians,” added Jarzyniecki.

The paid internship program is designed for candidates with no experience or for candidates with some pharmacy or health care experience who are looking for a new challenge and opportunity to advance.

For more information about the Pharmacy Technician Internship Program, please visit the job opportunities webpage at


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