Archbold Installs New CT Scanner

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Archbold Memorial Hospital recently installed a new computed-tomography (CT) scanner that's even faster and more versatile than the machine it's replacing. In fact, using the new scanner technology, Archbold radiology staff anticipates they will be able to reduce a patient’s scan time to less than 15 seconds.

Archbold’s new Revolution™ EVO CT scanning system is designed to support a variety of patients, from complex trauma to cardiac cases.

A CT scan uses x-rays to make detailed pictures of structures inside the body. During the test, a patient lies on a table attached to the CT scanner, which is a large doughnut-shaped machine. The CT scanner sends x-rays through the body area being studied, and each rotation of the scanner takes less than a second to provide a picture of a thin slice of the organ or area.

“The new scanner creates 64 high-resolution images per rotation, and provides low-dose images that allow our physicians to see fine anatomical details through clear images and with details as small as 0.28 millimeters,” said Cary Newman, MD, radiologist at Archbold Memorial Hospital. “This technology allows us to see smaller details in the scans, and the enhanced images will allow us to diagnose and create treatment plans for patients quicker than we have been able to in the past.”

The Revolution™ EVO also offers an improved patient experience with fast scanning for patients of varying sizes. With an increased weight limit of the patient table and the improved low-contrast detectability, physicians are able to obtain images of patients weighing up to 675 pounds. The new technology also allows physicians to receive quick, low-dose images of pediatric patients.

“We’re committed to providing our community access to the very best medical technology and diagnostic tools available,” said Becky Jense, Director of Radiology Services at Archbold Memorial Hospital. “Patients can be confident they have access to the best diagnostic technology through Archbold.”


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