Archbold Hospice Flower Ministry in Cairo

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To many people, giving flowers is customary for a joyous or somber occasion.

We often send flowers to express our love, gratitude or sincerest apology. But why do we send flowers when someone isn’t feeling well?

According to research published by the National Institutes of Health, flowers simply make us feel better. The NIH study showed that patients with plants and flowers in their rooms proved to have significantly positive physiologic responses, including lower systolic blood pressure, less pain, anxiety and fatigue. Having plants nearby also proved to expedite healing times and increase overall patient satisfaction, as well as reduce the burden of the disease for the patient.

For hospice patients, the focus of their care is typically on relieving symptoms, and creating the best possible quality of life in one’s final days. And Archbold’s Hospice of Southwest Georgia is ensuring their patients experience the health benefits that flowers can offer.

Flower Angels, a ministry offered through Archbold’s regional hospice agency, ensures fresh flower arrangements are delivered to every Hospice of Southwest Georgia patient once a week. The concept was born from an idea that Marie Ansley and her daughter Lisa had, to bring color and joy to the patients of Hospice of Southwest Georgia.

The flowers are donated and arranged by Annell’s Flowers in Cairo, and volunteers from Hospice of Southwest Georgia pick up the flowers and deliver them to their patients. Patients receive a new bouquet of flowers every week.

“Flowers have the ability to say things that we cannot verbalize. We enjoy participating in this program because it’s good for the community, and it brightens up the patient’s day,” said Beverly Cooper, owner of Annell’s Flowers.

“We are grateful to have community partners like Annell’s Flowers that are willing to donate time and materials to our patients,” said Carol Chason, Hospice of Southwest Georgia’s Volunteer Coordinator. “Our patients and their families appreciate and look forward to their flower delivery each week. This is such a great program for our patients.”

Hospice of Southwest Georgia is currently seeking volunteers for the Flower Angels program. If you are interested in becoming a hospice volunteer, call Carol at 229-584-5504.


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