Archbold Health Services Recognizes Respiratory Therapy and Pharmacy Week

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October 20-26 is recognized nationally as Respiratory Therapy and Pharmacy Week.

Pictured above is Kathy Collins, RCP, and Rob Morrel, RCP, respiratory therapists at the Archbold Home Care Store located on Pinetree Boulevard in Thomasville. Kathy and Rob help patients with respiratory illness and sleep apnea select and maintain the proper medical equipment for essential at-home treatment.

The Archbold Pinetree Pharmacy staff work at the health system’s retail and full-service infusion pharmacy, which is located inside the Archbold Home Care Store. Archbold Pinetree Pharmacy staff pictured from left to right Sylvia Larkin, Jamey Wright, Kim Landrum, Sharnta Atkins, Vernita Bevard, Patrick Sullivan, Gary Frederick, Kellie Attaway, Ophelia Greene and Megan Mills.