Archbold Health Services Celebrates National Home Care and Hospice Month

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November marks the beginning of the holiday season, a time for family gatherings, holiday parties and making memories with loved ones.

But November is also National Home Care and Hospice Month—a time to recognize and celebrate the healthcare providers that take care of patients around the clock, even on weekends and holidays, in their homes.

When given the option, most patients would prefer to recover at home, but a lot of times family and friends can’t provide all the care a patient needs.

Home health and hospice services enable elderly, disabled, chronically ill or acutely ill individuals to stay in the environment they are most comfortable—their homes.

Archbold Health Services has a variety of services to help patients recover in their home, including skilled nursing and nursing aide services, rehabilitation and therapy, medication management, hospice care and delivery of home medical supplies.

Home care services help patients and their families decide what type of home care assistance is suitable for them. Nurses and staff then communicate directly with the patient’s physician while they are caring for you in your home.

“Returning home after a hospital stay can be difficult,” says Clay Campbell, president of Archbold Health Services. “Our team helps patients and their families understand and carefully follow the care and medication instructions they are given by their doctors when discharged from the hospital.”

In many cases, home care services can help reduce the likelihood of a patient having to be readmitted to the hospital after they have been discharged.

“Avoiding a return trip to the hospital is everyone’s preference,” said Campbell. “By taking advantage of the services we offer, it really can decrease the likelihood of your loved one having to return to the hospital.”

Archbold’s hospice agency, Hospice of Southwest Georgia, provides expert medical care, pain management, and emotional support tailored to the patient’s needs and wishes. They also help the family cope during these times of uncertainty.

“Hospice not only cares for the patient’s medical needs, but we also provide a support system for family members too,” said Sheri Walters, Hospice of Southwest Georgia administrator. “We offer a support system that helps families learn to cope with terminal illness and in many cases, the loss of a loved one.”

“We want families in the area to know there are local services available to help them care for a loved one in their home. If a person has an illness or injury, or is chronically or terminally ill, resources are available through Archbold,” said Campbell. “Our hospice and home health staff are some of the most considerate and caring people I’ve ever met. They are dedicated to ensuring patients in our community receive the very best care possible in the comfort of their home.”


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