Grady General Receives 2012 Leadership Award

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Grady General Receives 2012 Leadership Award

Monday, October 8, 2012

Grady General Hospital recently received a 2012 Leadership Award from VHA Georgia for their work in the prevention of pressure ulcers among hospital patients. VHA Georgia, the membership alliance for not-for profit hospitals in the state, selected Grady General along with 11 other hospitals from a pool of 55 applicants. The winners were recognized for going “above and beyond” in care for their patients, and for setting an example for other medical facilities to follow.  

“Grady General Hospital’s success in reducing the occurrence of pressure ulcers demonstrates the qualities looked for in this award,” said LaDon Toole, Grady General administrator.

Pressure ulcers, also commonly known as bedsores, are abrasions that result from pressure applied to soft tissue for an extended period of time, such as time spent in a hospital bed.

Crystal Ramm, GGH director of nursing, said, “Pressure ulcers are a preventable injury we’ve worked on eliminating for several years.” 

Last year, GGH administration began a reeducation program for frontline staff on the care and prevention of pressure ulcers. 

“Nurses and other medical staff were trained to better document and report ulcers and recognize warning signs. The hospital also incorporated the use of specialty beds and cushions as a preventive measure,” said Ramm.

“This award is a testament to the dedication of our nurses and other front line staff and how we’ve truly gone above and beyond to improve patient care, consistent with Archbold Memorial Hospital’s mission and vision for their network of hospitals,” said Toole.