Grady General Awarded for Patient Safety

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Grady General Awarded for Patient Safety

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Grady General Hospital was recently presented threeQuality and Patient Safety Awards by the Georgia Hospital Association’s Partnership for Health and Accountability (PHA), an organization that promotes improving patient care and patient safety in hospitals and other health care facilities throughout the state. Grady General was also presented with a Circle of Excellence Award, an honor given to hospitals and health systems that have demonstrated a sustained commitment to quality and patient safety as evidenced by not only winning a patient safety award in 2014, but by earning three or more PHA Patient Safety Awards within the previous five years.

“Hospitals around the state are continually striving to improve patient safety and provide top quality care,” said Georgia Hospital Association Chief Medical Officer Doug Patten, M.D. “We applaud Grady General Hospital for its improvement in patient care and for its efforts in providing the best and safest care possible to its patients.”

Grady General’s initiative, “Cutting through the Issues: Surgical Care Improvement,” demonstrated the hospital’s successful efforts to reduce surgical site infections (SSIs) for patients and won first place in the Hospitals with Less than 100 Beds category.

“Our team really focused on evidence-based standards of care that are proven to result in better patient outcomes,” said Margie Willis, RN, surgery nurse manager at Grady General. “Our team of nurses, clinicians and physicians set goals to eliminate SSIs as well as bring core measure compliance up to 100 percent.”

According to utilization review coordinator Dori Griffin RN, BSN, Grady General educated staff and physicians on the importance of core measures.

“By implementing this education, our compliance reached 100 percent, and there were no SSIs in 2014,” said Griffin.

The hospital’s initiative titled, “Thinning out the Issues: Improving Anticoagulation Therapy,” proved successful in reducing the likelihood of causing patient harm associated with anticoagulation therapy. This initiative won second place in the Hospitals with Less than 100 Beds category.

“The purpose of this project was to reduce the likelihood of patient harm associated with anticoagulation therapy,” said Grady General pharmacy manager Leslye Upton, PharmD.

Anticoagulation therapy is when blood-thinning medication is prescribed to patients to prevent the recurrence of stroke.

“When administering this type of therapy, there is an increased risk of bleeding which can lead to other complications for patients,” said Upton. “We were passionate about reaching our goal—having 100 percent of patients on anticoagulation therapy monitored daily by pharmacists—to ensure there were no complications. The protocols we put in place helped us meet our goal, but also helped to ensure we were able to provide better and safer care for our patients.”

Grady General also won second place in the highly competitive infection prevention category for its initiative titled, “Infection Prevention: A Patient Safety Priority.”

“Our infection prevention project led to a successful reduction of catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs),” said Julie Dumas, infection control coordinator at Grady General. “By educating staff as well as following national guidelines related to using catheters only on patients who meet certain criteria, we were able to reduce CAUTI rates to zero for a period of 284 days in the acute care population and a period of 253 days in the sub-acute care population.”

“Our team constantly strives to find new ways to improve the care we provide our patients,” said Crystal Ramm, Grady General Hospital administrator. “These annual awards recognize healthcare organizations state-wide for achievement in reducing the risk of medical errors and improving patient safety and medical outcomes. It’s rewarding to be named among the best hospitals in the state for the quality care we provide. Our community can be proud of the award winning care they receive at Grady General.”