Extended Hours at Medical Group of Mitchell County

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Extended Hours at Medical Group of Mitchell County

July 29, 2015

Homework, ball practice and dance—that’s in addition to a combined 80 hour (or more) work week for a typical family of four. Throw in after-hours events and meetings, and the everyday challenges of keeping up a household—life seems busier than ever for many families. And as we adjust to the everyday grind, it’s easy to neglect your health—the one thing that should be a top priority.

“We hear too often that patients just don’t have time to come to the doctor, or that they can’t come during regular business hours,” said Archbold Family Nurse Practitioner Martha Hanna, FNP-C, who treats patients at Archbold’s Medical Group of Mitchell County. “It’s so important that patients make their health a priority, and we want to make it convenient for them to do that.”

Medical Group of Mitchell County, a primary care practice in Camilla that’s part of the Archbold health system, has announced that beginning August 1, 2015, they will extend their office hours. The practice will accept appointments through 7pm, Monday through Thursday for patients of all ages.

“The extended hours concept is intended to really help the patient that can’t get off work to come in for a check-up, or the patient that can’t leave school to get a re-fill on their prescription,” said Hanna. “We want our community to know that they now have access to the primary care they need after regular business hours.”

Though the practice is not accepting after-hours walk-ins, it’s possible that in many cases patients can schedule a same day appointment.

“Our hope is that by extending our office hours, we can help many more patients, since it will be convenient for them,” said Hanna.

For more information on extended hours at the Medical Group of Mitchell County or to make an appointment, call (229) 336-1949.