BCH Local Impact Over $25 Million

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Brooks County Hospital Local Impact Over $25 Million

Monday, October 1, 2012

The obvious benefit of a hospital like Brooks County Hospital in a small community is the care that it provides—the emergency room visit in the middle of the night; advanced imaging services; access to specialty care.

But then you stop to think about how many people work at the hospital (Brooks County Hospital is one of the largest employers in Brooks County); or work at physician offices in town; or work at companies that do business with the hospital. And then you think about all of the places where those people shop and do business. This is what people mean when they say that Brooks County Hospital is an economic engine for our community. It’s about jobs that help sustain our community and our quality of life.

The Georgia Hospital Association recently released its 2010 Economic Impact Report, which quantifies the impact that Brooks County Hospital has on this community. Using the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis methodology, the report showed Brooks County Hospital’s local economic impact was over $25 million, including the creation or sustainment of 215 full-time jobs.

Brooks County Hospital administrator Ken Rhudy said, “BCH is the truest definition of a community hospital. We provide quality care close to home, and our economic impact reaches far beyond the patients we serve—it’s an impact on every citizen and business, creating jobs and stimulating our economy.”

Archbold Medical Center—which includes Brooks County Hospital, Archbold Memorial Hospital, two other affiliate hospitals, four nursing homes and Archbold Health Services—is one of the largest employers and economic engines in Southwest Georgia. Its regional economic impact was nearly $646 million in 2010, including the creation or sustainment of 5,242 full-time jobs.

Perry Mustian, Archbold Medical Center President and CEO, said, “Beyond the economic impacts estimated in the report, there is another type of benefit Archbold is dedicated to, and that is our community outreach.”

In 2010, Archbold provided over $40 million in the cost of free or reduced-fee care, free health screenings, support of health careers education and other community support.

“Archbold remains committed to addressing the key health issues in our community,” said Mustian. “First and foremost, we are dedicated to improving the health of the communities we serve.”