Archbold and Grady General Host Free Breast Cancer Screening and "Ask the Doctors"

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Archbold and Grady General Host Free Breast Cancer Screening and “Ask the Doctors”

Friday, October 18, 2013

Breast cancer remains the most common cancer among women besides skin cancer, and it’s the second-leading cause of cancer death.

You may have heard this key breast cancer stat: About one in eight women will develop the disease in her lifetime. But there’s another number that’s more encouraging: About 2.5 million women living now have survived the disease.

Statistics show that fewer U.S. women develop and die from breast cancer each year, and physicians say the improvement is likely due to increased screenings and advances in treatment.

On Tuesday, October 22, Grady General Hospital will host a community breast cancer screening. Providers will offer clinical breast exams and measure height, weight and body max index free of charge to participants. Mammograms will be available by appointment for reduced rate of $20.

“Mammography performed in combination with clinical breast exams is currently the best method of screening for breast cancer, said Cairo Internal Medicine physician Meghann Blankenship, MD. “The American Cancer Society (ACS) recommends that women in their 20’s and 30’s have a clinical breast exam (CBE) as part of a periodic (regular) health exam by a health professional, preferably every three years. Women should have their first mammogram (a baseline mammogram) at the age of 40 and annually thereafter based on the guidelines set by ACS.” 

“Statistics also show that only half of the women in Grady County that should be getting mammograms actually are” she added.

Blankenship recommends that women with first degree family history of breast cancer should begin their baseline mammogram earlier, usually 10 years earlier than the age their family member was diagnosed.

“It’s best to talk with your doctor about your personal risk factors,” said Blankenship. “That way you can choose a screening schedule that’s right for you.”

Also next week, as part of Archbold Memorial Hospital’s continuing Health Talk free community lecture series, GGH will host Breast Cancer: Ask the Doctors in the Grady Fifth Street Café on Wednesday, October 23. 

The unique program will consist of a brief lecture on breast cancer, followed by a longer interactive segment where attendees can ask Dr. Blankenship, obstetrician and gynecologist Raina Ferenchick, MD, and general surgeon Travelyn Walker, MD, breast cancer-related questions. The program is intentionally modeled after the popular daytime television show, The Doctors.

The lecture and interactive panel discussion is offered free as a clinical outreach effort to uphold Archbold’s core value of Community Benefit.

The program will begin at noon and lunch will be served. Pre-registration is requested; call (229) 377-0251 or visit

For more information on the screening event or to schedule a mammogram, call the Grady General Hospital Imaging Center at (229) 377-0290.