Archbold-Grady Specialty Clinic Offers Free Kidney Screenings

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Archbold-Grady Specialty Clinic Offers Free Kidney Screenings

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

According to the American Cancer Society, kidney cancer (also called renal cancer) is one of the top ten cancers found in both men and women.

It’s estimated that one in 63 people will develop kidney cancer in their lifetime. And though researchers aren’t clear as to why, the rate of people developing kidney cancer has been rising steadily since the late 1990s. But the good news is the death rates for the disease have gone down slightly since the middle of the 1990. Physicians say this can be attributed to development of newer testing and screenings, which are able to detect the disease in earliest and most treatable stages.

“We tend to see more males than females develop kidney cancer, and studies show that African-Americans and people with a strong family history of kidney cancer may be more likely to develop the disease, as well,” said Archbold medical oncologist Amanda D. May, MD. “Other risk factors include high blood pressure, smoking and obesity.”

As with other cancers, it can be difficult to predict who will get kidney cancer. But there are many ways to reduce your risk.

Cigarette smoking is responsible for a large percentage of any type of cancer, said Cairo Internal Medicine physician Jason NeSmith, MD. “Stopping smoking is a good way to lower your risk. Obesity and high blood pressure are also risk factors. Maintaining a healthy weight by exercising and choosing a diet high in fruits and vegetables, and seeking treatment early for high blood pressure can help reduce your risk.

Recognizing and managing your risk factors can help prevent cancer. And cancer screenings are a simple way to determine if you’re at risk.

On Monday, March 24, Archbold will offer free kidney screenings from  9am until 11am at the Archbold-Grady Specialty Clinic located at 1155 5th Street in Cairo.

The free screenings will include a renal panel (blood sample) and urinalysis (urine sample), as well as cholesterol and glucose screenings (blood sample) and blood pressure/height/weight/BMI. Tests and results will be provided free to participants as a clinical outreach effort supporting Archbold’s core value of Community Benefit.

“Through free, routine screening events like this, we’ve been able to detect disease early, and in some cases we’ve saved lives,” said Todd Bennett, clinical outreach coordinator at Archbold. “We know that early detection is the key to successful treatment of cancer and other chronic disease, so we encourage everyone to take advantage of the free screenings, even if you aren’t experiencing any warning signs or symptoms.”

All screenings will be offered on a walk-in basis. No appointment is necessary. For more information on this screening event, call (229) 584-5520.