Archbold Continues to Modify Patient Registration

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Archbold Continues to Modify Patient Registration

Monday, July 11, 2011

Over the next 12 to 18 months, Archbold Memorial Hospital will modify several aspects of patient registration across all campuses.  Primarily, the modifications will focus on increasing price transparency, implementing collection of patient financial responsibility at the point of service and assistance with payment planning.

Taking lessons from top-performing hospitals, Archbold chose to adopt practices that drive increased patient satisfaction and informed patient decisions.  While these steps aren’t new to Archbold, the phased rollout of these improvements will now include Archbold’s Emergency Department, Urgent Care Clinic, Outpatient Radiology and Endoscopy Center.

Beginning the week of July 18th, after focused training efforts have been completed, staff will collect copayments and estimated coinsurance and deductible amounts from patients.  Payments for services will be required at the time of service, similar to a visit at many physician practices. Patient education materials are being developed, which will support the efforts and answer many questions.

“Consistent with our patient-focused mission, informing patients of the estimated out of pocket expense up front will make bill payment more convenient, understandable and patient-friendly,” said Perry Mustian, Archbold Medical Center President and CEO.

Mustian said that Patient Access Representatives will inform patients, prior to treatment, of anticipated medical expenses and will also assist in identifying funding sources that may otherwise be missed.

“It’s important that our community knows we will not deny care based upon an ability to pay.  Emergent and urgent services will be rendered immediately, as they have always been,” said Mustian.