Archbold $670 Million Impact to Economy

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Archbold $670 Million Impact to Economy

Monday, April 25, 2011

The obvious benefit of a hospital like Archbold in a community is the care that it provides the emergency room visit in the middle of the night; the birth of a baby; the surgery for a family member.

But then you stop to think about how many people work at the hospital (Archbold is the largest employer in Thomas County); or work at physician offices in town; or work at companies that do business with the hospital. And then you think about all of the places where those people shop and do business. This is what people mean when they say that
Archbold Medical Center is an economic engine for our community. It’s about jobs that help sustain our community and our quality of life.

The Georgia Hospital Association recently released its 2009 Economic Impact Report, which quantifies the impact of Archbold in the community. Using the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis methodology, the report showed Archbold Medical Center’s regional economic impact was nearly $670 million, including the creation or sustainment of 4,718 full-time jobs.

“This community is very important to Archbold and we are an important part of this community. It’s a relationship that means a lot to us and we are proud to help make our region a place where people can live, work and raise families,” said Archbold President and CEO, Perry Mustian.

Archbold uses many local suppliers and services, but the North Tower construction project has provided some recent high-profile examples (literally). Steel for the eight-story structure was purchased locally from Cives Steel. Boilers for the project were also purchased locally from Cleaver Brooks.

While flagship hospital Archbold Memorial had an estimated impact over $450 million, other entities within the Archbold healthcare system provided significant impact as well. Brooks County Hospital, Grady General Hospital, Mitchell County Hospital and Mitchell Convalescent Center, Pelham-Parkway Nursing Home and the Archbold Medical Group are enormously important to the regional economy, collectively providing over $143 million impact to the region. Archbold Health Services, including Archbold Home Health, provided nearly $30 million more.

Mustian added, “Beyond the economic impacts estimated in this report, there is another type of benefit to our community that we are dedicated to at Archbold, and that is our community outreach. In 2010, Archbold provided over $40 million in the cost of free or reduced-fee care, free health screenings, support of health careers education and other community support. It’s a critical part of our mission as a not-for-profit hospital to meet community needs and we remain committed to that purpose.”