Photo for Trust the Process

Trust the Process

Everything is healing up and getting better. I missed my goal by 4 pounds, but I'm more determined than ever to finish this program off strong. Trust the process.

Photo for Getting Close to Reaching My Goal

Getting Close to Reaching My Goal

I’m down 5 more pounds down, and now only 4 pounds shy of my goal. I’m slowly building and getting my strength back and getting back into a normal routine.

Photo for Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a Virtue

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. -Lao Tzu The biggest lesson I've learned this and last week is patience. It's easier to have patience with yourself with things that you can control, and then things are out of your control, you must trust yourself more and not overwhelm yourself with worry and anxiety. Sometimes we have to slow down when things come about, but the most important thing is remembering that while the pace maybe slower than normal, the...

Photo for Working Through a Rough Week

Working Through a Rough Week

Man, it’s been a ROUGH week. So on Tuesday I had major dental work with the removal of a molar. There was a slight problem in that my cheek and lip we're numb, but my gum wasn't, so I felt EVERYTHING. It was a traumatic experience. My diet has changed because of the dental work, and I’m in pain constantly. I cannot fully workout until next week, and I'm still trying to do some light workouts, but it's difficult because I don't want to cause complications. I’m pacing myself, and I...

Photo for Going the Distance

Going the Distance

I’m still going the distance. It's been a tough week with my knee, but I’m not pushing myself too hard. I've incorporated more body weight exercises and cut back on the protein I increased.

Photo for Getting Stronger Every Day

Getting Stronger Every Day

So it's a weird thing to say, but my thighs don't rub together anymore. Ha! I’m building muscle mass, and I’m the strongest I have ever been in my life. I can see a lot of change in my body. Since I've started jogging and increasing my weights, my knee is swelling more, so I have to be careful and wear my brace. I’m probably going to start wrapping my knee and actually taking decent leg rest days. I realized yesterday that I go to Planet Fitness one day and walking the next equal...

Photo for Living Better

Living Better

I’m down seven more pounds, and four points total off of my BMI. I’ve also increased my lean muscle mass. The other weight loss programs I’ve tried were too good to be true. But this program, which in itself isn't very complicated, has an overall single factor to its success - the person’s willpower to want to make a change. I'm proud of this team and I’m very proud of the people who have kicked butt through this process. I hope that, in the end, this helps others gain a better...

Photo for A Lean, Mean Workout Machine

A Lean, Mean Workout Machine

I'm impressed and proud with how our trainer at Planet Fitness is supporting us by adjusting our training and keeping us moving in a positive direction. The amount of lean muscle mass I'm putting on is pretty cool; I wasn't expecting it to happen so fast. I'm becoming stronger every month. This is hard, but necessary and worth every second and effort I put into it.

Photo for Thankful for a Supportive Community

Thankful for a Supportive Community

It has been a busy week! I’ve been working out every day, with active recovery days as well. Having to deal with less recovery time is pretty cool. I'm going to have to go shopping for clothing pretty soon, 80% of my clothing has been donated because it is all too big. My trainer has brilliantly updated my workout regime, and I'm exploring other styles of training as well for flexibility and speed. The next few months should be quite interesting. I'd personally like to thank the team at...

Photo for Reaching New Goals and Buying New Clothes

Reaching New Goals and Buying New Clothes

My second weigh-in went well. I’m continuing to push myself to reach new goals. I have had to get rid of about 80% of my clothing, and the rest I've been wearing has just been too big. It's been a jeans and tee shirt kind of month. Having to replace your entire wardrobe is one of those toss up side effects. It’s nice, but I’m also not a fan of clothes shopping.

Photo for New Clothes Needed

New Clothes Needed

I've been working hard every day, pushing more and more to reach my goals. It's been tough, but worth it. I just donated a lot of my clothing (which is most of my entire wardrobe); things that are too big to wear. It's slightly upsetting thinking about where I was and how I got there versus where I am now, which soon turns into excitement for what's next. It's been tough, but worth it.

Photo for Seeing a Difference

Seeing a Difference

I'm sore all over. I need new clothes, and I'm definitely feeling the benefit of daily exercise at Planet Fitness. It's still a chess game, where I have to make sure I'm several steps ahead with planning meals, making sure that I have the right kind of foods at home to eat, and making sure I eat the proper amount of food to sustain energy levels. I’m working hard to balance carbs and remove caffeine completely from my diet. This week I've only had 3 caffeinated, no sugar drinks, water...