Photo for A Lean, Mean Workout Machine

A Lean, Mean Workout Machine

I'm impressed and proud with how our trainer at Planet Fitness is supporting us by adjusting our training and keeping us moving in a positive direction. The amount of lean muscle mass I'm putting on is pretty cool; I wasn't expecting it to happen so fast. I'm becoming stronger every month. This is hard, but necessary and worth every second and effort I put into it.

Photo for Thankful for a Supportive Community

Thankful for a Supportive Community

It has been a busy week! I’ve been working out every day, with active recovery days as well. Having to deal with less recovery time is pretty cool. I'm going to have to go shopping for clothing pretty soon, 80% of my clothing has been donated because it is all too big. My trainer has brilliantly updated my workout regime, and I'm exploring other styles of training as well for flexibility and speed. The next few months should be quite interesting. I'd personally like to thank the team at...

Photo for Reaching New Goals and Buying New Clothes

Reaching New Goals and Buying New Clothes

My second weigh-in went well. I’m continuing to push myself to reach new goals. I have had to get rid of about 80% of my clothing, and the rest I've been wearing has just been too big. It's been a jeans and tee shirt kind of month. Having to replace your entire wardrobe is one of those toss up side effects. It’s nice, but I’m also not a fan of clothes shopping.

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New Clothes Needed

I've been working hard every day, pushing more and more to reach my goals. It's been tough, but worth it. I just donated a lot of my clothing (which is most of my entire wardrobe); things that are too big to wear. It's slightly upsetting thinking about where I was and how I got there versus where I am now, which soon turns into excitement for what's next. It's been tough, but worth it.

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Seeing a Difference

I'm sore all over. I need new clothes, and I'm definitely feeling the benefit of daily exercise at Planet Fitness. It's still a chess game, where I have to make sure I'm several steps ahead with planning meals, making sure that I have the right kind of foods at home to eat, and making sure I eat the proper amount of food to sustain energy levels. I’m working hard to balance carbs and remove caffeine completely from my diet. This week I've only had 3 caffeinated, no sugar drinks, water...

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Taking Everything One Day at a Time

All is going well. I was able to get a burn class session in at Planet Fitness, and I'm currently attempting to gather my schedule to do more activities each day, and increasing them each week. I’ve quickly found out that this is just as much a mental game as a physical one. I’ve got to take everything one day at a time.

Photo for Understanding the Role of Nutrition

Understanding the Role of Nutrition

This week I fully understood the role nutrition plays in our daily routine. If we change the way we consume food, it will ultimately change our view of food, and how companies serve food, and how food is processed in general. It's amazing what difference the simple act of reading nutrition labels and ingredients can make in your day to day routine. Our relationship with food changes due to how informed we become as a result.

Photo for A Successful First Weigh-In

A Successful First Weigh-In

Had a successful weigh-in today! I’m down in weight well past my monthly goal, and my measurements are decreasing. I’m going to increase my exercise routine, too. I've found that it's easier now to get up and exercise daily, something I thought I'd never say! I’m really enjoying the support from the community, my friends and family, especially when things like self-doubt come into play. It's both a physical and psychological battle, but I have confidence. I can do this, and I...

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Week 3

A few things I've learned in the first three weeks of the program: 1. An 1800-1900 calorie diet is extremely manageable. People don't realize how much they consume. Paying attention to the serving size of various foods, and eating the correct amount, really makes food last much longer! 2. My body is responding positively to the foods that I eat. I’ve noticed a difference in how I feel while working out at Planet Fitness, too! 3. I know how it feels for my body to be hungry versus...

Photo for Week 2

Week 2

I'm getting adjusted to my diet and worked out pretty hard this past weekend, and once this week with my trainer at Planet Fitness. I’ve lost 10 pounds since I last saw my doctor, which was pretty cool. My blood pressure seems to be improving, as well. I stopped by Diablo's and saw that they have partnered with Live Better. I really enjoy seeing the community effort involved in a push for healthier living. Onwards and upwards!

Photo for Week 1

Week 1

Day 4 - I haven't eaten my hand yet from hunger, so I’m doing well. I’m just kidding! Trying to stay between 1800-1900 calories per day isn't bad at all, and it gives me an opportunity to experiment with how I achieve satiety while actually enjoying the food I eat. I had a great workout this past weekend and current week, but I amp it up next week with my new schedule. The desired result of my trainers routine completely breaks me down and gets my heart rate up, so it’s working...

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Meet Robert Gilmore

Robert Gilmore Age – 36 Gym – Planet Fitness Why did you decide to participate in the Live Better Fit program? I feel like this is a great program that will help fill in the blanks that most diet and fitness programs lack, and will help me adopt a maintainable healthy lifestyle. Have you ever attempted to lose weight before? I’ve been losing weight on my own for about a year before this opportunity fell in my lap. How long have you struggled with weight...