Meet Rick Barnes

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Rick Barnes
Age – 49
Gym – YMCA

Why did you agree to participate in Live Better Fit?

I’ve been looking for a program that would address both the physical and nutritional aspects of losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle, and I believe that Live Better Fit is that program.

What do you hope to achieve by participating in the Live Better Fit program?

While I hope to lose weight through this program, I also want to make lifestyle changes. I’m ready to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle, so I can be around for my kids and grandkids. I’m ready to live a long and fruitful life without worrying about weight related health risks.

Have you ever attempted to lose weight before?

I’ve tried dieting in the past and have struggled with seeing results. This time, I’m looking forward to actually making lifelong changes for the better.

How will you reward yourself at the end of the program if you meet your goals?

I’ll buy myself some new clothes!