Competing in the CrossFit Open

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Well, this week turned out to be better than last week- thank goodness! I stuck to my meal plan, and did not stray away. I kept it simple and went back to the basics for lunches—sautéed chicken breast, and veggies—and for my dinners, I made a venison roast with more veggies. While I did not go crazy with my food this week, I noticed that I was not eating enough when I entered my food into my MyFitnessPal app. I did feel it during my workouts—I did not feel like I had as much energy as normal. So that is definitely something that I will work on for this coming up week.

Last Friday was the first workout of the 2020 Crossfit Open, which is the first qualifying stage of the Crossfit Games. Basically, it is a worldwide competition that consists of five workouts over five weeks that are announced live every Thursday night, and you have until Monday afternoon to complete that week's workout and enter your score in on the website. (To learn more, go to: While I have no desire to go to the Games, it's fun to see where you rank regionally, state-wide, nation-wide, world-wide, and even in your own Crossfit box. It is also a great way to see how much you have improved over the years. This makes the fifth Open competition that I have done, and I have come a very long way since 2016!

In the first workout of the series, I actually surprised myself on how well I did. We had 15 minutes to do 10 rounds of 8 ground-to-overheads and 10 burpees. I did not finish it, but I did manage to do 6 full rounds and 3 ground-to-overheads in that 15 minutes. I told myself going into it, to just keep moving, and I only took a few, short breaks. I dislike burpees. A lot. Now on to the next one!


Leslie Strickland