Week 1

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I met with Hannah, our dietitian, on Monday to discuss my meal plan and get measurements in order to track my progress. The meeting went really well. We talked about substituting out my addiction to all things Little Debbie for healthier sugars, like fruit. We also talked about instead of eating three big meals, because of my naturally slow metabolism, to eat three small meals with snacks in between those meals to let my body know it doesn’t have to store so much of that food while waiting for the next meal. This should also help keep my metabolism going throughout the day.

I started doing some light workouts the week before the program started, just to get my body ready for the real thing and to get that initial soreness out of the way. I worked out on Tuesday and Wednesday with Kim at the YMCA this past week, doing various lifts with small intervals of cardio mixed in between each lift. I’ve lifted weights most of my life, but the mixture of cardio in between sets, I feel like, is a real difference maker. I worked out on Thursday and Friday with Shawn, who had me do boxing workouts. I’ve never done a boxing workout until Thursday, but it was a real eye-opener to the conditioning that real boxers go through.

I have a habit of weighing myself every morning as soon as I wake up, so I will keep doing that throughout program. I haven’t seen the weight drop off as quickly as I would like, but I can tell a difference in how my clothes fit in certain areas. So, even though I’m not losing as much weight as I would like, I am decreasing my measurements and I know the weight will eventually follow.

I did make the rookie mistake of packing a full water bottle in my gym bag one day. By the time I got to the gym after work to change clothes, I had a half-full water bottle, a wet shirt and a soggy left shoe. I won’t make that mistake again!