Week 1

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Hey everyone, I suppose I want the purpose of my first blog post to somewhat introduce myself to everyone and explain my fitness background.

Right of the rip, I’ll admit I have struggled with my weight my whole life. That’s 22 years of crash diets, weight fluctuations, failed attempts, and a whole lot of frustration. Anyone who has ever struggled with their weight I’m sure can agree that this process sucks, but it’s inevitable. The beginning of a new weight-loss program is always frustrating, tiring, and to say the least can be downright miserable. From the resentment of the diet to the initial struggle of getting back in the gym, and taking that hard to swallow pill that you are not as in shape as you’ve been convincing yourself you were.

During the first week, I’m not going to lie, I struggled getting out of the bed just knowing I was going to have to work my behind of at the gym, them come home to some roasted vegetable and some variation of the ever so haunting chicken breast.

Week two commenced and things have lightened up, my one day off from the gym I felt as if I should go walk or go for a jog because, for one my energy level was improving but, I just felt the new need to be productive.

After meeting with Hannah this past week and going over my nutrition plan, my drive rose ever more knowing that this wasn’t a depriving diet where I had to completely cut myself off from all things delicious. That’s one of the main things that drew me to this program. It’s a prolonged event that gives you time to adjust to a, not only healthy but obtainable lifestyle. There’s no quick fix, no unnatural supplements, no brutal cleanse. Just real people, exercising, eating cleaner, and truly “living better”. I can honestly say that as pessimistic as I was towards myself in the beginning, I am truly excited to see how these weeks ahead turn out.