Archbold Receives Pharmacy Accreditation

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Archbold Memorial Hospital recently received accreditation from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) for the hospital’s pharmacy residency program.

The designation also signifies that the program is recognized as an accredited pharmacy residency program by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

“This accreditation is important because it demonstrates that our pharmacy operation and clinical pharmacy program meets high standards of quality and contribution to patient care,” said Andrea Jarzyniecki, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy at Archbold.

Additionally, the ASHP accreditation allows graduates of the residency program to become eligible to become Board Certified pharmacists and to pursue additional residency training and fellowships.

The review for accreditation lasted two days, and included interviews of those involved in the pharmacy department as well as other professions, including nursing, to express opinions of whether the residency program had made a substantial impact to patient care.

The criteria for accreditation includes having a program in existence for at least one year, meeting clinical and operational quality standards, having pharmacist staff and preceptors of advanced credentials, and structuring an educational program that provides a variety of patient care, administrative, and research experiences.

The Archbold residency program was accredited for the maximum duration of eight years because the survey demonstrated that the program and pharmacy operation met or exceeded standards and expectations.

“Our pharmacy team is constantly providing high quality patient care, and this new accreditation is a testament to their dedication,” said Perry Mustian, Archbold President and CEO. “I’m very proud of our pharmacy team for achieving this accreditation.”