Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Will your program participate in the 2021-2022 ERAS/MATCH?

A: Yes! Our program received our ACGME initial accreditation January 21, 2022. We will participate in the NRMP Match with our five PGY-1 resident slots. Our NRMP code is 2324140C0. Our ERAS Accreditation ID is 1401200003.

Q: How many residents are currently in your program?

A: Our first class of five residents are currently being recruited for a start date of July 2022. We are structured as a 5-5-5 program.

Q: How many faculty members are in your program?

A: Our program faculty include Dr. Kristopher Palmer, Program Director; Dr. David Mederos, Core Faculty; Dr. Sarah Vocelle, Core Faculty; Dr. Allison Moore, Core Faculty; Dr. Raul Santos, Subspecialty Education Coordinator (SEC); Dr. Clay Sizemore, SEC; Dr. Greg Patterson, Faculty, along with numerous other faculty members.

Q: What is your program’s board passage rate?

A: As a new program, we are currently recruiting our first class of residents for a start date of July 2022. Our program has incorporated dedicated board prep time during weekly didactics and supplied CME funds for residents to choose educational resources to support their growth.

Q: How does your program support wellness?

A: Our wellness longitudinal curriculum incorporates dedicated wellness lectures and activities for residents and faculty. The program also incorporates protected time for residents to do anything that supports their wellness. Each month, the program holds a support group for each class of residents.

Q: In ERAS, what is your program’s name and NRMP code?

A: We are a newly ACGME accredited program, receiving initial accreditation January 21, 2022. Our NRMP code is 2324140C0 and our ERAS Accreditation ID is 1401200003

Thank you for your interest in our Internal Medicine Residency Program. If you have questions regarding the program, please contact our residency program coordinator, Savannah McGowan at 229-551-2575.