How EAP Can Help You

EAP is a comprehensive program that can assist you with a variety of issues. Some of these issues include:
• Individual, marriage and family
• Grief and loss
• Sexual, physical and emotional abuse
• Career planning
• Alcohol abuse
• Drug abuse
• Legal assistance
• Financial assistance
• Psychiatric assessments
• Elder care

Diagnosis, evaluation, short-term problem resolution and referral services provided by AEAP are free of charge to you and your family. This might consist of one or more appointments and include a variety of services. If assistance beyond the resources of the AEAP is needed, your medical insurance and other employee benefits will be considered. If insurance or other benefits are
not available, we will assist you in keeping costs minimal. The costs are the client's responsibility, but many service agencies base their fees on ability to pay.

Educational Services

Today's workplace environment requires employers, supervisors and employees to have easy access to current trends in business and industry while staying productive. AEAP provides on-site professional training on topics such as:

• Maintaining a drug-free workplace for state certification
• Sexual harassment prevention
• Workplace violence prevention
• Stress management
• Team building
• Customer service