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Archbold Medical Center is committed to helping its providers do their jobs. This section of our public web site provides current providers with a convenient entry point to access key work modules. Much like the web site itself, this provider entry page and the computer systems it leads to are Archbold's property and are only intended for authorized use.

Provider Websites

Intranet websites are available for Archbold Medical Center providers, offering access to provider resources, clinical applications and more.

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GGH Nurses Complete Fellowship Program 

GGH Nurses Complete Fellowship Program Three Grady General Hospital nurses recently earned credentials for completing a 15-week intensive perinatal fellowship program. The training, offered through the state-designated Perinatal Center in Albany, consisted of education classes and hands-on training specifically related to neonatal and maternal care. The graduates developed clinical and...

Archbold Health Talk: Healthy Eating for Busy People

Archbold Health Talk: Healthy Eating for Busy People For busy people, it may be tempting to try something exotic and short-term for fast weight loss. But it wouldn't be healthy, and any weight you lost would probably be quickly regained. A long-term program of sensible eating and exercise is still the best method. It's not new, and it may not be the fad of the moment. For most...

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