Audited Financial Statements

Archbold Medical Center, Inc. is the only entity for which audited financial statements are prepared. The FY 2019 audited financial statements were not required to include any separate consolidating schedules at the individual licensed hospital level; however, the FY 2020 audited financial statements for Archbold Medical Center, Inc. will include applicable supporting schedules that are referenced in the transparency statute.

IRS Form 990

The Form 990 for John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital, Inc. reflects the activity of all licensed hospitals operated by JDAMH, Inc. A combined Schedule H is prepared for all hospitals operated by JDAMH, Inc.

Annual Hospital Questionnaire

Community Benefit Report

Disproportionate Share Hospital Survey

Real Property

The Real Property Listing reflects property owned by John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital, Inc. which operates John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital, Brooks County Hospital, Grady General Hospital, and Mitchell County Hospital.

Ownership in Joint Ventures

Bonded indebtedness

Net assets

Going Concern

Organization Chart



Policies-FAP-Debt Collection (Plain Language, Indigent Care Trust Fund, Uninsured Patients, Collections for Self-Pay Accounts, Self-Pay Discount Policy)

Each licensed hospital operated by John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital, Inc. follows the provisions of the established policies for the Financial Assistance Program and Billing and Collections for Self-Pay Accounts.

Hospital Financial Survey

Specialty Surveys