student information

This Information is intended for Students Participating in Clinicals or a Preceptorship at Archbold

Please click on the links below for access to forms and important information.

  1. General Instructions for a Clinical Rotation; Student Information Services (IS) Form Requirements; Memorandum of Understanding (or contract) with Archbold
  2. Orientation Packet
  3. Informatics Services (IS) Student Form Please type in the requested information into the IS student form, print it off and both instructor and student sign at the bottom.
  4. MAK Powerpoint
  5. Soarian Powerpoint

Please contact Kasey Smith, Assistant Director of Nursing Education, with any questions.
Office: (229) 228- 8014

Please send all contracts to Donna McMillan
Office: (229) 228- 2795

For Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Medical Students and Anesthesia Assistants Contact Bailey Carter
Office: (229) 228-2768