Stories from Doctor’s Day 2018

Quotation MarkOn November 4, 2017, my husband started experiencing chest pains, nausea and sweats. After much persuasion, he agreed to go to the ER. When Dr. Ward examined him and read the EKG, it was obvious to her and the staff that he was having a heart attack. In just a few moments, Dr. Diwan was on scene and gathered the history and assured us that time was of the essence. At this time, it was past midnight and my husband was carried up for the procedure to determine what needed to be done. My daughter and I were escorted to the waiting room by a very pleasant nurse. In a couple of hours, Dr. Diwan showed up and carried me back and reviewed the pictures of where his past stents were continuing to work well. Then he showed where he had a complete blockage due to a blood clot in the main artery of his heart. His patience and his taking the time to show me the visual pictures and explain everything helped me to understand what happened. I think his demeanor and attitude during this time assisted him helping myself and my daughter to remain calm during all of this. Over the next two days, he was there to continue to check on my husband along with his PA to determine if there was any permanent damage and to make sure he was on the road to recovery. I am grateful to Dr. Diwan and all the staff.