Stories from Doctor’s Day 2018

Quotation MarkOn January 16th our daughter Shelly, was transferred from BCH to AMH for emergency surgery. She had a bowel perforation and was becoming septic. Dr. Hanisee took charge of the situation and saved our daughters life. There was so much she did for us and our daughter. All I can say is that we trusted her completely and her knowledge, compassion and willing to ask other physicians for guidance is what saved our daughter and made us realize that we were in the right place. Our daughter was very critical at one point and we truly trusted Dr. Hanisee and her co-workers to keep our daughter alive. We will always be grateful to her and everyone who took care of Shelly.

Quotation MarkThese two phenomenal physicians have been a blessing to our family. My niece recently underwent what was supposed to be a simple surgery. Things quickly took a turn for the worse, which lead to the family in fear for this young ladies life. After several days on a vent and a forty- day hospital stay she was stable enough to go home. During this time Dr. Hainsee and Dr. Velez ALWAYS made a point to make every encounter personal. Yes, while in two different facilities these two physicians remained in great contact (even afterhours if necessary) to provide my niece with exceptional care. These two ladies have made a lasting impression on our family that will forever be cherished.