Stories from Doctor’s Day 2018

Quotation MarkI would like to recognize Dr. Novak and Dr. Pender for their outstanding patient care and patient satisfaction. In January, my regular doctor in Albany found some questionable masses and I needed to make a consult. Both Dr. Novak and Dr. Pender came highly recommended. During consultations both doctors reviewed my medical record and it resulted in needing a surgery to remove two ovarian cyst and two fibroadenomas in the breast. I asked Dr. Novak if it was possible for me to have the two surgeries done on the same day under one anesthesia. Without hesitation, Dr. Novak said he would coordinate with Dr. Pender's office and they would work it out. The two surgeons both visited me the day of surgery and explained how they had it planned out. It’s the combined effort of both Dr. Pender and Dr. Novak that made me realize I was being well taken care of and they truly cared about their patients. I could not have picked any better doctors to have my surgery with!