Stories from Doctor’s Day 2018

Quotation MarkFor five years, we went down the path of a liver transplant. In the seven months prior to the transplant, I spent one day a week at GGH having fluid drained. Dr. Lynch was super good with the procedure. We spent many nights watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy together. We called it our date night. I would trust him with any health issues I have. I also appreciate that he always had prayer before the procedures.

Quotation MarkDr. Jonathan, as he is affectionately referred to at GGH, is a competent and compassionate physician. He not only has excellent skills as a physician, he has wonderful bed side manners as well.

Quotation MarkI have a 65 year old sister with special needs and on her birthday, she had to be admitted into Grady General Hospital through the ER. Dr. Lynch saw her in the ER and sang Happy Birthday to her. She thought that was wonderful. Needless to say, she loves Dr Jonathan and his wife, Dr Kendra Lynch. They both are a part of the great staff at the Cairo Medical Center.