Stories from Doctor’s Day 2018

Quotation MarkOver the past few years, the staff of Archbold Memorial Hospital have been fortunate to have the addition of Dr. Johnny Belenchia to our Pulmonary services. I have met so many of Dr. Belenchia's patients and family members who are very gracious and thankful for the care that he provides. Patients tell me over and over again about Dr. Belenchia's ability to take time to explain the reason for treatment, the change in treatment and alternative treatments during their care. The patients always have a smile on their face when they speak of him and tell me stories of their visit with Dr. Belenchia. Sometimes the patients or family members will tell me a comical way in which Dr. Belenchia explained what was going on with their illness. The patients and family members like his approach to their care. From a staff members view, Dr. Belenchia is very kind to all of the staff. He is very educational and helps the members of the Nursing team and Respiratory Team understand an advanced approach to Pulmonary care. I think he is well liked by families, visitors, the staff and physicians of Archbold Hospital.