Stories from Doctor’s Day 2017

Quotation Mark Dr. Choksi is always very polite and compassionate towards patients, family members and staff.

Quotation Mark I work in ICU and was walking through the back nurses station and saw him sitting with a family member explaining the patient’s condition. He took the time to draw a detailed picture of the heart, explain what specifically was going on with that patient and explained the treatment and procedure. I later commented to the patient’s nurse how amazing that was of him to do. She told me that she had tried to explain it to the family and he just happened to be walking by and offered to help. It makes me so proud to work at Archbold and to know we have physicians to really go the extra mile like Dr. Choksi did.

Kashyap Choksi, MD, PhD
Cardiovascular Consultants of South Georgia, LLC
100 Mimosa Drive, Second Floor
Thomasville, 31792
O: (229) 551-0083
F: (229) 227-9642