Stories from Doctor’s Day 2017

Quotation Mark Dr. Nesmith is my mother's doctor and every time she goes for a visit the first thing he does is give her a hug. You should see the smile on her face and the way she listens to him intensely. Because of this kind gesture, she follows his directions better than she has with any other doctor and always recommends him to her friends. Recently she had mental health crisis. He answered all of my questions and assisted me, her daughter, with getting her back on track. Afterwards he continued to follow-up and make sure she was doing better. He always has been kind and compassionate to my mother. Many doctors in the past were not because of her mental illness and ignored her true medical issues. For the first time, she is being treated as a whole person not just a person with a mental illness. Many thanks to him!

Jason M. NeSmith, MD
Internal Medicine
Cairo Internal Medicine
1090 5th Street Southeast
Cairo, 39828
O: (229) 377-1100
F: (229) 584-5948