Visitation Policy (Updated 07/15/20)

Effective Wednesday, July 15, we are revising our visitor policies for most of our Archbold facilities as we respond to recent increases in the number of COVID-19 cases in our community and at Archbold.

Patients at the emergency department or urgent care may have one designated visitor at bedside as appropriate, with 2 allowed if the patient is a minor. No visitors will be allowed to wait in waiting areas.

Patients at the hospital for an outpatient diagnostic procedure (radiology, lab, etc.) should enter the facility alone unless they require assistance.

We are discontinuing visitation at this time for patients admitted to the hospital as inpatients, except in end-of-life situations or where one visitor is required to assist with communication or special care needs.

The following policies remain in place at this time:

  • Patients that are suspected or confirmed to be COVID-19 positive will not be allowed to have visitors.
  • Patients at the hospital for a procedure (such as surgery, endoscopy procedure or cath lab procedure) may have one visitor accompany them and wait in a waiting room during the procedure. The visitor will be issued an armband.
  • No visitor will be allowed at our long-term care facilities.
  • No visitors will be allowed at outpatient clinics, including primary care clinics, unless the patient is a minor or requires assistance.