Breast Cancer Navigator

The breast cancer navigator is a registered nurse and a valuable partner in your breast health journey. She works as a care coordinator throughout the process of your breast cancer diagnosis to guide and support your individual needs.

What does a breast health navigator do?

Our navigator works with our team of physicians, surgeons, and nurses to design a care plan specifically for you. She monitors the patient and triages needed services across all product or service lines, and ensures you have proper access to these services, too.

Why do I need a breast cancer navigator?

The breast health navigator serves as a care coordinator throughout the process of a breast cancer diagnosis. The navigator assesses the physical, psychological and social needs of each patient and she ensures you have access to the resources you need throughout your breast cancer journey.

What are the benefits of working with a breast cancer navigator?

The breast cancer navigator can be very instrumental in your care. Listed below are several ways our breast cancer navigator can be helpful for you and your family during your breast cancer journey.

  • Educate you on tests, surgeries, treatments and medical resources that are available to you
  • Help you voice any questions or concerns to your surgeon, oncologists or treatment team
  • Address any financial concerns you may have during your treatment
  • Help you embark on a cancer survivorship journey
  • Advocate for your needs and the needs of your family
  • Provide much-needed emotional support
  • Provide resources, answer your questions and address your fears during the breast cancer experience
  • Facilitate physician recommendations for patient care to help ensure patient compliance and understanding