Breast Cancer Navigator

What is a Breast Health Navigator?

The breast health navigator, Karen Bailey, serves as a care coordinator throughout the process of breast cancer diagnosis. The navigator assesses the physical, psychological and social needs of the patient. Our navigator works with our team of physicians, surgeons, and nurses to design a care plan with desired outcomes. She monitors the patient and triages needed services across all product or service lines while ensuring proper access to these services. The results are enhanced patient outcomes and increased satisfaction.

  • Advocates for the needs of breast cancer patients and their families
  • Provide educational information and emotional support to all women concerned about their breast health
  • Supports breast cancer patients and their families in understanding and coping with the strong emotions that accompany a breast cancer diagnosis
  • Oversees the patient’s and their family’s educational, emotional and social needs
  • Provides resources for the patient to answer their questions and address their fears during the breast cancer experience
  • Facilitates physicians’ recommendations for patient care to help ensure patient compliance and understanding
  • Helps explain advantages and disadvantages and leaves final decisions to the patient and her physician
  • Leads support groups for patients, their support partners, and children
  • Educated the public on the early detection of breast disease and breast self-exam skills
  • Researches the latest information on changes in breast health and breast cancer care to help keep staff and physicians up-to-date

Why is a Breast Health Navigator Valuable?

  • Manages the challenge of cost reduction, a pivotal driving force in healthcare
  • Provides patient self-care skills after diagnosis
  • Addresses patients’ unmet needs and enhances patients’ satisfaction by responding to their most frequent request – information and support during illness
  • Provides professional guidance in coordination, execution and evaluation of their healthcare treatment plans