How does the Archbold Bariatric and Weight Management program work?

Bariatric Program Entry Criteria
  • Must have a BMI of 40 or greater or a BMI of 35 with a serious obesity related medical condition, i.e. diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure
  • Must be 21- 65 years of age for the surgical track
  • Must be willing to make significant, permanent changes to eating habits and lifestyle
  • Must be willing to undergo three to six months of a monitored weight loss program. This is a requirement of insurance companies.
  • Must not be addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • Must stop smoking two weeks prior to surgery
  • Must demonstrate commitment to diet program and attend all appointments before and after surgery
  • A $200 program fee will be required. This fee will apply toward the deductible at the time of surgery and can be paid in three installments, if necessary.
Initial Evaluation

The recommended method of treatment depends on a patient’s level of obesity, overall health condition and readiness to lose weight. A nurse will meet with you during your initial visit to discuss your medical history and your previous attempts to lose weight.

Physician Evaluation

A physician will meet with you to discuss your past medical history and current health status. The physician will determine the appopriate program for you at this time.

Psychological Evaluation

Psychological counseling is an important part of the patient support system and is critical to long term weight loss success. Patients must receive psychological clearance prior to qualifying for weight loss surgery.


Once you have committed to the Archbold Bariatric and Weight Management Program, met with the nurse, physician and psychologist, weight loss surgery may be recommended. The team will guide you through the remaining steps prior to surgery:

  • Final medical clearance by the physician
  • Surgical consult with the bariatric surgeon
  • Nutritional evaluation with the dietitian

To ensure your continued success, the program is designed to provide nutritional, emotional and physical support after bariatric surgery. Post-surgery support includes:

  • Post-op check with the surgeon approximately two weeks after surgery
  • Physician visits (6-8) in the first year to monitor weight loss and overall health status
  • Dietitian visits for nutritional counseling periodically for the first year after surgery