3D Navigation Technology for Balloon Sinus Surgery

Groundbreaking 3D navigation technology for balloon sinus surgery is now available at Archbold Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy Center. The TruDi navigation system is real-time, three-dimensional navigation for ear, nose and throat procedures performed in the operating room and the office.

The electromagnetic image-guided navigation system is used for endoscopic sinus procedures and surgeries like Balloon Sinuplasty, treating chronic sinusitis. TruDi image guidance uses microsensor technology, innovative tracking hardware and software tools to enable precise placement of surgical instruments and devices relative to the patient's preoperative CT scan.

A Real Enhancement for Balloon Sinuplasty

TruDi is the first true 3D navigation platform in otolaryngology with proprietary navigation-enabled balloons and instruments. It builds a 3D visual of the sinuses to give our ENT surgeon accurate, simple and reliable options for her endoscopic sinus procedures. It also enables the use of RELIEVA SPINPLUS® NAV, the first 3D navigation-enabled Balloon SInplasty System to treat chronic sinusitis.

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