Branding Guidelines for Archbold Medical Center

Archbold Medical Center has branding guidlines that our Marketing and Public Relations Department adheres to, to ensure brand and messaging consistency across our organization.

Approved Logos Available for Download

Archbold Flag Logo
Archbold Flag Logo-Black
Archbold Flag Logo-White
Archbold Flag Logo-Large
Archbold Flag-Brooks County Hospital
Archbold Flag-Grady General Hospital
Archbold Flag- Mitchell County Hospital

Approved Photos Available for Download

Archbold Memorial Hospital
Archbold Memorial Hospital Extended Sky
Archbold Memorial Hospital Extended Sky Cropped
Brooks County Hospital
Grady General Hospital
Mitchell County Hospital
Lewis Hall Singletary Oncology Center

If you don’t find the logo you are looking for in the files above, please fill out our Marketing Request Form here and our team will be happy to assist you.