Archbold Anti-Coagulation Clinic

The Archbold Anti-Coagulation Clinic is indicated for patients that are on a prescription blood thinner. Patients that are referred to the anti-coagulation clinic will work one-on-one with a clinical pharmacist to monitor and adjust their blood thinner medication as needed.

Who is eligible?

Any patient is eligible to be referred to the anticoagulation clinic if:

  • Patients are 18 years or older
  • Patients are on blood thinning medications
  • Patients have seen their referring provider in the last year

How do I make an appointment?

The Anti-Coagulation Clinic accepts provider referrals only. Once the clinic receives the referral for your provider, the clinic will contact you to schedule an initial appointment. Follow-up appointment(s) will be scheduled during the initial appointment.

How does this service work and who should I expect?

  • Patients will have a one-on-one appointment with a clinical pharmacist working with their provider to monitor and adjust their blood thinner medication as needed
  • Initial appointments will be approximately 40 minutes and follow-up appointments will be approximately 20 minutes
  • During your appointment, the pharmacist will review all of your active medications and current blood thinner medications for any drug-drug interactions. They will also check your INR (if you are on warfarin) and make any necessary dose adjustments to your current therapy.
  • If any dose adjustments are made that require a new prescription, the pharmacist will provide your pharmacy with the updated prescription
  • Your referring provider will be notified of any dose adjustments

Archbold Anti-Coagulation Clinic (located inside the Archbold Sleep Center)
114 Mimosa Drive, Suite D, Thomasville, GA 31792