Trina Meredith

Trina Meredith struggled with maintaining a healthy weight for years. She tried numerous diets, which would work for a while, but eventually she’d always gain the weight back.

“In 2006, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was fighting depression, and battling lymphodema of my legs. I weighed 210 pounds and knew I had to get the weight under control,” said Meredith. “I joined Weight Watchers and actually lost 60 pounds on the program in about a year. But sadly, I was discouraged when my weight crept back up over the course of the next four years.”

In addition to gaining all the weight back, Meredith’s fasting blood sugars were so elevated that she was taking oral diabetic medications, as well as three to five shots of insulin every day.

“I was afraid if I didn’t get my blood sugar under control I would start having problems with my eyes, heart and other organs,” said Meredith. “I knew I had to lose the weight and make a permanent lifestyle change.”

Meredith asked her primary care physician about a referral for Lap Band surgery, and in July of 2011, she had the life-changing surgical weight loss procedure.

“At the six month mark I could look in the mirror and actually see the transformation,” said Meredith. I’ve now lost over 100 pounds in two years, and I’m much healthier. By losing the weight, I’ve been able to regulate my blood sugars and I no longer need my diabetic medications. The support I received from Dr. Mansberger, Dr. Patterson and Wendy Wilbourn really motivated me to get where I am today. I believe in this program. It really worked for me.”