We love Dr. Patterson!

Stories from Doctor's Day 2015

Quotation Mark

In February of 2014 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Our family dealt with that news and she went to Dr. Patterson to discuss treatment options. He was kind and explained the process of what he would do and she had a mastectomy. On the day of surgery our family all (about 15 of us) wore our pink shirts we had made to indicate that we were "champion's cheerleaders". Dr Patterson asked why we had not given him a t-shirt?  Unbeknownst to the rest of the family, my mom's sister took a pink shirt to Dr. Patterson.   On my mother’s follow up visit, Dr. Patterson was attentive enough and thoughtful enough to come into the room wearing his pink-tshirt. This may not mean much to other people but to us it meant he cared about my mama. It meant she wasn’t just another time slot filled. It meant he valued her. In our book he is the best surgeon and we are so thankful that he was a part of her journey.  

—Family member of a patient