We love Dr. Mansberger!

Stories from Doctor's Day 2015

Quotation Mark

To give a little background, I have worked alongside of Dr. Mansberger for 10 years at integrative medicine. I see on a daily basis the true care & concern he has for our patients.  Ten months ago I fell deathly ill and the office notified him of what had taken place as he was at ACC performing endos. I was transferred from Grady ED to AMH ED late afternoon and soon learned I was in for emergency surgery. Dr. Mansberger completed his clinic day and came straight to AMH. He was there for my entire surgery.  He also comforted my family as they waited to learn my status. Not only is he an outstanding doctor but one of the most compassionate individuals I know.  My life has been richly blessed to know him.

—Archbold nurse and patient