We love Dr. Kellum!

Stories from Doctor's Day 2015

Quotation Mark

My 81 year old grandmother recently fell and broke her kneecap and was referred to Dr. Kellum. Ms. Kristie got her an appointment to be seen very quickly and from there we found out how in tuned the whole staff are with their patients. My grandmother is hard of hearing, and other doctors seem to only talk to the family members about her care and treatment, but Dr. Kellum sat down with her and explained everything to her. When he was done she looked confused, so he explained it to her again. That really impressed her and she felt like she was not overlooked during the visit. At her follow up visit, while we were in the xray waiting room, he came out and spoke to her before she was ever put in a room. My family and my grandmother really were impressed with (his) the compassion and the care that she received from this office. We call my grandmother Nanny and after they heard us calling her that it also picked up with some of the staff and they were calling her that as well, and she loved the attention.

—Family member of a patient