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Stories from Doctor's Day 2015

Quotation Mark

I moved my mother to Cairo about three years ago and needed to find a doctor. She has many medical issues but also has a long history of a mental health problem as well. Together we discussed her options and she chose Dr. Nesmith. Well one night her mental health issue caused her to start acting rather unusual. I contacted Dr. Nesmith and he assisted me in getting her in to see someone at a mental health clinic. This may sound so simple but the truth is that it is hard to get in at the last minute and if her medication is not regulated, she spirals out of control. In the past she has lost everything as a result. Not only has he done this, every time he sees my mother, he always hugs her. She is excited to go see him and follow up. A hug may not mean much to some, but for those who have always been treated different, a hug goes a long way!

—Family member of a patient