We love Dr. Miles!

Stories from Doctor's Day 2015

Quotation Mark

Most people would say it is impossible to find a perfect doctor. But I found one in Dr. Miles. He has every trait that you want in a doctor. He’s compassionate and cares for every patient. He’s kind and makes sure you understand what he’s telling you. He acts as if you are his only patient, and insists that you contact him if needed or if you have questions. He’s a good diagnostician with excellent bedside. I saw Dr. Miles on an emergency basis and as a new patient late one afternoon. He literally saved my life. It was at a very inconvenient time for him, but he surely did not let me know that. I know that nobody is perfect. But Dr. Miles is as close to that as it gets. I cannot even imagine finding a better doctor anywhere in the world, and I thank god that he sent me to Dr. Miles.

—A patient