We love Dr. Gee!

Stories from Doctor's Day 2015

Quotation Mark

Dr. Gee impacted the life of my grandmother from the day she switched from another physician to his office.  My grandmother passed on January 3, 2015.  She was a person who listened to her doctor and did exactly what he suggested. If Dr. Gee didn’t say it, she did not do it.  Dr. Gee was so patient with her, he listened intently to every complaint and he addressed them with her.  I thought that the patience alone was enough medicine for her.  He never hurried her along.  The day that she had her stroke I had just brought her from an appointment with him; as always he tended to her and gave her a good report, but when we got home she had the stroke.  As we got her to the hospital, we called him the next morning and he was there with us on every phone call that we made with every question that we had.  After we got her home and took her to follow-up appointments, I became her voice and he was just as attentive to her as before.  If I could shout it from the rooftops I would like to thank Dr. Gee for the care that he gave to my loving sweet grandmother.  

—Family member of a patient