Archbold Spiritual Care

The Archbold Spiritual Care (or chaplaincy) program offers resources and services to patients and their families to help them better cope with a hospital stay.

While healing happens daily in a hospital, pain, suffering and sometimes death occurs, too. This often leads people to ask challenging questions like, “Why is this happening?” Sometimes patients need emotional and spiritual support to accompany their healthcare.

Reasons to Consult Spiritual Care Services:

  • Spiritual and emotional pain, need or patient distress
  • Patient request/need
  • Ineffective coping methods
  • A patient receives a new diagnosis, progressing disease process or a complex case
  • A baby blessing
  • A cultural gap needs to be bridged
  • A code blue
  • A patient death, including perinatal
  • Ethics consultation
  • Palliative Care Team (IDT) Support Team (IDT)
  • Grief care
  • Crisis support
  • Helping to manage family dynamics during a crisis
  • Patient Advocacy

Services Offered:

  • Evidence-based spiritual assessment and spiritual care plans focused on desired outcomes
  • Provide positive presence, active listening, education, support and religious rituals such as prayer or communion upon patient request
  • Frequent rounds to all areas of the hospital in collaboration with clinical staff to capture the developing emotions and spiritual needs of patients and families
  • Provide ethical mediation in response to moral distress and ethical dilemmas at the bedside
  • Provide quality grief and bereavement care


A hospital chaplain is a professionally trained clergy member who supports patients and staff with spiritual and religious concerns. They are clinically trained to help navigate the healthcare experience and are specially trained to support belief systems across faiths and cultures. Our chaplains act not only as spiritual counselors but as advocates for patients.

If you’re interested in our spiritual care services or would like more information, please let your nurse know and they will contact us for a consult.

Jason Bennett, MDiv, Director of Spiritual Care and Chaplain