Frances Turner

Quotation Mark

I’ve seen so many changes at Archbold during my time here, but one of the biggest changes that directly impacted me and my department was the transitioning of paper medical records to the electronic medical record system. The electronic medical record has changed the Health Information Management field, and medical field as a whole, tremendously. With electronic medical records, our patients' records are now at the provider’s finger tips. Better access to patient information is important, particularly when time is of the essence. This change has helped Archbold tremendously in expediting the care that our patients need.

I have enjoyed working at Archbold for so many years because of the many opportunities for professional growth. Archbold has supported me throughout my career and helped me to obtain the education that I needed to grow professionally. With Archbold’s help, I was able to earn my business degree, HIM degree and several certifications over the years.