Kattie Pilkinton, NP-C

Quotation Mark

I started working at Archbold as an LPN in the recovery room in 1970, and later became a suture nurse in the operating room, where I worked for 10 years. Archbold has really allowed me to grow and experience many different areas within my medical profession. I've worked as a home health nurse with Archbold Health Services, as a dialysis nurse while earning my bachelor’s degree, after which I transferred to radiology, and eventually to the integrative medicine center, where I worked with Dr. Mansberger as he was building the new program. While earning my masters degree to become a Family Nurse Practitioner, I transfered back to the recovery room, right where I started my career at Archbold. When the new noninvasive cardiology nuclear unit opened nine years ago, I was offered the job as the nurse practitioner, and I’ve very much enjoyed my time in this department.

I have so many memories of my time here at Archbold. I will never forget how the front of the hospital looked when I started working here 46 years ago—there was an inclined concrete ramp with a hand rail up the middle that led to the front entrance. I distinctly remember the old emergency room had three exam/trauma rooms and the back hall was dimly lit with school house style lights hanging from the ceiling. There was a new surgery department that had only four operating rooms. We had three nursing floors in the 70’s and we were very proud of our west wings because it was modern and nice.

I’ve chosen to work here for so many years because I’ve always had faith in Archbold and the medical staff here. There have been situations throughout the years that have proven to me that this hospital cares. I’ve had family members in our hospital, so I can honestly say I’ve seen firsthand how the staff, doctors and our entire team of caregivers place our patients' needs first. Archbold is very highly thought of in surrounding communities, and I’m proud to say, without hesitation, that I work here.

Our hospital has been so successful and stable over the last 90 years for many reasons. We have caring and compassionate people that work here, and Archbold has always had the best interest of our community in mind. That combined with good financial stewardship, support from our community and the ability and motivation to grow to meet the health needs of our community and surrounding areas have all played a part in building the successful framework that makes us who we are today. I hope to see, in the future, even more growth. Thomasville and the surrounding communities are very fortunate to have access to the world class care that Archbold provides. We have a great hospital, and I’m proud to be a part of it.